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Tecnogomma S.R.L.

Since 1977 TECNOGOMMA has specialized in the production of molded rubber and metal technical products, in particular for wine/food sector.
All products are made from certified materials suitable for contact with food, as provided in the D.M. 21/03/73 and subsequent amendments.
The company is UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified and is the holder of patents recognized around the world, applied to wine sector piston pumps particularly.
Our projects are developed to provide the Customer with hygienic, highly reliable and durable products.

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Patented DN INOX series flow reverses

Invertitore di flusso brevettato serie DN INOX

The Tecnogomma flow reversers are entirely made of electro-hygienizing Aisi 316 stainless steel, in accordance with D.M. 21/03/73 and subsequent amendments; there are no areas in which the liquid can stagnate.
As they are reliable, a lot of manufacturers of piston pumps in the wine sector ....

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Protective coating

Rivestimenti protettivi

The protective coatings, patented by Tecnogomma, are designed for the recondition of bronze pumps, in order to eliminate completely the migration of metal particles in the poured liquid.
To this purpose, the coatings are ....

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Assistance and recondition

Servizi assistenza e manutenzione

Tecnogomma provides assistance and maintenance services as well as the reconditioning of wine piston pumps of all brands and can supply the spare parts on request.

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Ball valves

Valvole sferiche

Tecnogomma ball valves are used by the most qualified world manufacturers of wine sector pumps for their low noise, precision, durability and non-deformability at temperatures.
It is possible to manufacture ...

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Pistons complete oenological SERIES TGM

Pistoni completi per uso enologico SERIE TGM

Tecnogomma is the creator and first manufacturer of double-lip gaskets and has been producing a range of complete pistons to be applied to wine sector pumps.
The pistons distinguish themselves by their unique hygienic ....

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Technical articles in rubber and metal

Articoli tecnici in gomma e metallo

Technical articles in rubber stamping and metal.

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